Nornikin's C3 agents
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Yes! Now you can bring in new cool stuff for your norns (they'll love you for it) just click on the link- you'll be transported to the site in which you can download it- and Voila! you can get new objects!

*= okay (lowest rank)
**=good (average)
***= great (med-high)
****: super (high)
*****: excellent (the highest)

Shee Ginseng **stars, it's helpful and norns love to eat it! Yet- even when you only plant one- they multiply to very many! -Spirit
Rabbit Toy ***stars, Very cute! Reduces boredom very quickly! Plus a great cuddly toy for you're babies.-Spirit
Tomb of Bibble *star, This is on here because I love being able to teach my norns in a split second every word (this is what this does) so if you want a scary looking tomb in your albia- saving you from the learning room- get this!
Pond Fish Food ****stars, want those fish in the NornTerrarium's pond to live? Give this to them and they'll always be well fed! And yeah- no you dont ever have to replace it! -Spirit
Kitchen Stove ***** Stars, possibly my fave. agent! Really helps you get through those "no cheese" days! Get this!-Spirit
Seed Basket Nice, you'll get a never ending supply of nuts! Yeah! ****stars. -Spirit
Pea Vine ***stars, a very helpful cob- with great imaging and tasty green beans! -Spirit
Stuffed Tiger Toy Very cute, sweet, and fun! ***stars. -Spirit
Juicy Orange Very,very,very cute, sweet, and eaten by the treeful! Healthy too! Get this! *****stars. -Bibble (sprites by Nina)
Ruby Red Apple Nice, and tasty! Fresh, and good! Recomended. ***stars. -Bibble (sprites by Nina)
Baby Biscuit Yum! Freshly baked cookies that remind me of animal crackers! *****stars (Bibble)
Energy Pear Want you're norns to eat a power-packed yummy pear? Well, wait no longer and download the energy pear!
Food Crate Pretty helpful- if you want something that you can carry around giving three types of nutirents! ***stars
Food Fountain VERY GOOD! I highly recomend this!!! This fountain will AUTOMATICALLY vend out food for those norns which cant always get you're attention.
Super Clean Kit Wanna get rid of that darn bacteria??? Well- this is the Agent you need! ****stars (very helpful)
Yule Car A shiny red windup car for those ambitious little norns you have! Very cute! ****stars
Fire Works Bang! For the fourth of July, or whenever, these fireworks will delight you're norns!
Yule Crackers Whats inside these crackers! Really cool toys- or a peice of cheese. Well, whatever you get- its exciting pulling them! Very cool- *****stars
C2 Egg Vendor Cute Idea. This little vendor vends little eggs with images from C2 on it. **stars
Precious Colored Seed Jar I like this! Its really pretty and vends nice colored seeds! ****stars
Amonite Vendor Brights, cool, and vends ammonites! Ok, kindof weird! I thinks its pretty helpful though- ***stars
Veggie Pack Really nice! This is a great GET FOOD agent! ****stars
Piano Remember that old C3 cob? Ok- well this is what this is, only for C3! Very nice design and music,*****stars
Easter Flowers A window with flowers hanging out of it- minus the window, well- a flower box. Very nice. ***stars
Fresh Muffins A nice healthy, warm, fresh home-made muffin is the most yummy thing in the world? What more could you're norns want??? *****Stars
Fun Eggs A really cool cob, crack the eggs what will you get? ****stars
Bouncy Ball Bounce! Boing! How much fun! Bouncy balls are really fun- enjoy! ***stars
Lolly Pop A small, sweet treat for you're norns, definetly worth getting! ****stars
Cookie Jar Nornikin stole the cookie from the cookie jar... who me?... yes you... couldnt be.... then who? ****stars
Frisbee Well, you already have one in Albia- but this one is cooler, faster, and more fun. Trust me- get it! ****stars
Cake with Frosting Really nice, yummy cake! Perfect for you're norns b-day! *****stars (really really really nice!)
Norn Doll The baby Norns love this Agent, a comforter that is bound to make you're little baby norns jump for joy! ***stars
Medical Pack Creatures deserve good health, so download this to ensure it. *****stars (Albia 2000)
Paper Plane Everyone loves paper planes. Especially norns. Bored? Well, why not have a paper plane contest with your norns . *****stars (very fun!)
Flash Light This cool flashlight lights up the darkest places... ****stars
Pineapple Vendor Bibble makes the BEST cobs! This one is really cool! *****stars
Candy Vendor Another awesome COB by Bibble, this one dispences (you guessed) Candy! Careful though, Candy ain't the healthiest thing norns could eat!
Cuddles the Teddy Bear A little teddy bear for little norns. :-) ****stars
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