Cool Norn's Spring Beat
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Welcome to Cool Norn: Spring

Hey everyone! Here is the Spring issue of 'Cool Norn'

The Sun looked beautiful and white clouds draped about it. It was a nice day for me and my fellow norns to be out and about from the Burrow. We would nibble on Shee Ginseng (get it! as we strolled about aimlessly as Hoppities pranced about. Then we heard a strange noise. The hand was no longer petting me! It was gone, rushing away. I was very confused. And then I saw something horrible, a grendal. I paniked and ran screaming 'Retreat Grendal!' crazily! But there was something wrong, the Grendal was chasing me! I slowed down. And I looked back. And the Grendal was being transported to the Medical room. My Family and I all ran, and soon we were happily tucked in the burrow, with the door shut tight. The little ones played with the Tiger Toy (get it! made by Spirit: at the Creatures Shack) and enjoyed it's funny Roar. While Chocoa and Me, Coolisa sat they're worrying. What was happening? Then we got news from the hand: "Rest" it said, none of us were tierd, so we knew that we would need our energy for whatever the hand was preparing. We all slept, and when we woke up we saw that we were no longer in Albia but had been Exported! It was going to be very annoying. We were sitting in darkness- wishing that we could do something else. But at least we were away from the grendal! Zach our leader would be worried. He was safe with his tribe in the Aquarium. They were called the 'Aquarites' Chocoa had always wanted to be one. We breathed a sigh of releaf when we were finally imported again. And theyre were no grendals. The beautiful day had turned to night and the stars had come out. The adventures of the day had left us all dumb-struct. We were happy when the hand petted us and asked us if we were 'Happy' and we were! We had had a scary day, but the adventure had been fun!

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