The Ettin Workshopz
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Zipeo to the Ettin Workshop!

Hi, and incase you don't know "Zipeo" means high in Albian/Spaceship Ettin Speech- cool eh? Well, welcome to the Ettin Workshop where you shall find all Ettinish stuff! Cool- yeah! Specially If you think Norns are over-rated (just kidding!!!) Okay, Bye!

Visit the Workshops!
Ettin Downloadz Well, all ettins need a new food- or toy! So come on in and enjoy!
Cyber Ettins Come and pick out a Cyber Ettin!
Ettin Messages Cool! A ettin Message board, specially for ettins- come and check it out!
Ettin Adoption These 2 cute ettins are the BEST of the BEST! Apple and Dibbi are the best Ettins you can get!!! ^_^
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