Hints N' Tips
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Food for Thought

Norns need to have good diets! I tend to be an over feeder, so my norns tend to have round bellies.
Heres a good diet for a group of norns:
3 fat (cheese)
3 protien (apple)
5 starch (nuts)

With this amount of food you can also balance in treats- like mushroom seeds, and those little spikey plants seeds you can find in the Jungle.

Fun Toys

We all know that the toys the game comes with gets old! Thats why you should go to the internet find webpages and download new toys for your game! That way norns wont get too bored. Also make sure you play with your Norns a lot. Playing enriches a norns brain. Without getting to play with toys, Norns may develop Mental problems. After all remember the phrase "if your bored your boring"

Annoying Grendals and Ettins

Want to get those annoying Grendals and Ettins away? Well you can hed over to the Creatures 3 officual site (http://www.creatures3.com) and download the Agent that stops eggs from coming out. Or you can:
a) start a new world
b) then wait around in the Ettin Terrerium until the first Ettin egg comes out. Place the First Egg in the water
c) Now wait for the second egg: repeat
d) Now quickly head over to the Jungle. Are there anying Grendal eggs yet?
e) You'll probably have to wait a long time...
f) The First Egg came out! Quickly: pop it into the Piranaa pond.
g) Now once the Second egg comes out repeat.
h) Now you have a safe world to raise your own colony of norns in!

Following the Leader...

Add an job for your norns! You can pick a leader, nurse, doctor, nanny, and many more! This is very fun and you can write it out on the Norns Discription! Having a leader for 1 group is very fun! Try having two groups of Norns with two Leaders! That way you'll get to have 2 colonies! Soon you will have two unique looking Colonies. Remember not to pick faves! And feed and play with each groups. The leaders cant do everything!

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