Hints N' Tips 2
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Getting that starch...

Starch is what all my norns always want, if worst comes to worst, you may need to head down to the medical pod and inject Starch into the poor norn. After you've done that - find seeds quick (they grow in pouches in the Norn Terrarium) then take them to the Norn home and allow them to recuperate (this is to be used after your norn says "Blank extremely hungrey for starch."

Extreme case of hunger

If you have no food and your norn is starving- you'll have to resort to bugs. Gross. Teach them the word pest using the ? hand then tell them to "eat pest" they may get hurt in the process- so only have one bug at a time at there feet (those bugs are mean!)


So, you missed the eggs? Ok, no sweat! Just get the Sluge Gun (make sure norns are far away) and fire away hitting the grendal. It will eventually leave. Then head to the jungle a new egg will plop down. Drop it in the pirranah pond. (mission complete) if you miss again: just repeat!

Ettins which sneeze:
Those ettins are always sick! It's probably best- if you want to keep norns healthy- to get an agent (a force feild) to keep them away. Keep them in there own Terrarium. But if you dont want them at all- don't kill them with the sludge gun!- get there eggs when they drop down from the Ettin Egg Layer at birth. (they do die using the sluge gun though).

Thats all the tips so far... look out for more!

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