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Sorry if this makes anyone mad, but my cobs dont have a read-me file... so you'll find how to install them right here! First: Get an unzipping program (like winzip) and check for viruses.
2nd: Put the .s16 file in the IMAGE folder
3rd: Put the .cob in the objects file (Cob stands for creatures objects, okay?)
4th: Turn on creatures and go to the agent injector, inject, and enjoy!
***Note: I'm not resposible for any bugs that may be on my agents... sorry!***

Swiss Cheese Wheel: Ohhhhhhh,,,, yummy! A big block of swiss cheese! How tasty! :-). This is a tasty treat for norns... although quite fattening!       IMAGE: DOWNLOAD    
                                              COB: DOWNLOAD                
Pizza: Mmmmm... whats better then a warm pizza? I dont know... I cant think of anything! Well... get this for your norns, it makes a delicious treat for dinner!
                                                                    IMAGE: DOWNLOAD
                                                                    COB:     DOWNLOAD

Hot Cocoa: During the cold winter all your norns want is a warm drink, here is a nice drink of hot cocoa to fill them up with WARMTH!
                                          IMAGE: DOWNLOAD
                                          COB:     DOWNLOAD

Marachino Cherry: Ohhhhh... dont you love those sugary cherries? So will your norns! So go ahead and download this delacacy for your norns! They'll love you for it! ^_^
                                        IMAGE: DOWNLOAD
                                        COB:    DOWNLOAD