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Mystical Creatures
Hee-hee! Hi everyone! Welcome to Mystical Creatures for Creatures 2! I personally love the game, so here is my fan site dedicated to it! ^_^. I love to give out awards too! So dont be suprised if you get a nice award from Mystical Creatures! :-).  Okay... for starts I probably should explain a bit about myself. Firstly, I think people who tourture norns are mean! I mean, who would want a hurt a cute and innocent norn? And secondly, I think Home Creatures Rules! Anyone disagree?  I hope not! Well, enjoy lookin' around my site! Hope you like it! ^_^... well, enjoy! And, oh yeah, if you wanna talk to me... my email is ^_^. **Plus, if you like my agents, thanx I'm a begginer, but i think they are pretty good! I know there are LOTS of teeny problems with them, and I'd be over joyed if you'd like to help me out!*


*Well, I put the site together! Does that count?*