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So your leaving! Hope you enjoyed it here, come again! Here are some way cool sites that you won't waste you time by visiting! The ones that have a * by them mean they are the Way Cool ones! So check them out First!

Here they are...
Camys Crazy Norn Planet* A way cool site! Filled with TONS of stuff (c2/c3) Definetly a good site to check out! P.S. This site is really cool looking, and has really cute Norns!
Haunted Creatures Shack* Nice and the BEST resource to go to for COBS and Norns!
Creatures Jungle This is the place to go for Website Animations!
*Cool Archive This is the place to go to make your own banners, get cool animated gifs and jpgs, and get clip art! **
Animation City Here's the place where I got some animations.
*Norns Of Our Albia Super! This has tons of Agents, norns, and dis n' dat! Check it out!
*Scribble86's Neopets Shop This is one coooll... shop which not only features nice items for neopets- but you can see that person's Cyber Norn! Way cool.... ^_^

Hi! Hope you like my Links, they are my faveroites! Yet- I could use more! Email me ( and tell me that you want you're site up- and well, it'll be up! (aslong as it's good- and C3 related!)

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